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Welcome to the home of Walter and Adella Muckenthaler. Today you will explore their estate and learn about the family’s influence on Fullerton. Located at each site is a QR code, using your smartphone to scan this code will jump you straight to the relevant page. Any QR code reader can be used, but we like to use Snapchat as our QR code reader, where you can also follow us at MuckCC. If you do not want to use a QR code reader, located at the bottom of each page is a map you can use to jump between sites. The Muckenthalers, originally the Muggenthalers, immigrated from Germany in 1854, settling in Paxico, Kansas where Walter spent most of his childhood working on the family farm. With the dream of moving to California, the Muckenthalers borrowed land from the Yorbas and picked up farming as they did when living in Kansas. Adella was the eldest daughter of Samuel Kraemer, of Placentia, and a direct descendant of the Yorbas on her mother’s side. She met and eventually married Walter at St. Boniface Church on Lincoln Avenue in Anaheim in 1919, where both families attended services. Walter and Adella didn’t move into the mansion until 1924 when it was done being built. For many years the Muckenthalers occupied the mansion and though the surrounding area may have changed, the house remained the same. Continue on with the tour and you will get to explore the grounds Walter worked on and the house he built.

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