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The Muckenthaler is as diverse as our patrons, and now you can decide what you want your generous donation to support!

Are you a fan of childhood art education? Donations support the purchase of supplies and the staffing of artists in all our local outreach programs. Your donation directly helps children at Crittenton Services, the Women’s Transitional Living Center, and Project Hope, to name a few.

Are you a fan of our award winning galleries? Support the Gallery Fund to help purchase supplies for the behind the scenes work our talented Chief Curator does for each show. Donations are used to build and design exiting new ways to enhance each show, and present our works to an engaged audience.

Are you a friend or a relative of someone who recently passed away, who’s love of the arts you want to continue on? The Memorial Fund offers a way to remember loved ones, at the end of each year, their names are added to our online memorial page, to honor their passion, both in life and after, to the arts.

Join the Legacy Club
by agreeing to estate plans of 10% or $10K minimum in your estate for the Muckenthaler.

Are you someone who can’t make up their mind about what is their favorite part of the Muck? Never fear, the General Fund helps our annual budget and your donation will help supplement a bit of everything we do.

A full listing of our donation funds can be found HERE.

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In-Kind Donations

Money isn’t the only way you can help the Muckenthaler Cultural Center, donations of supplies or equipment go a long way to help us produce high quality art education.

Upon request, donations of items with values over $20 will receive a receipt and are eligible for tax-exempt status.