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Free Watercolor Demo

Watercolor Demo | Thursday, March 1, 7:30 p.m. | Free Admission

Watercolorist Joe Cibere will demonstrate watercolor technique at The Muck March 1. Mr. Cibere’s memorable series of plein air landscapes made during a forest fire were exhibited at the Muckenthaler in 2016. The series captured not only the fury of the conflagration, but also the actions of firefighters in its midst, as well as the colorful regrowth of vegetation many months later. Other subjects of his paintings are cityscapes, seascapes, surfers, and scenes of rural life.

Joe Cibere is signature member of the National Watercolor Society. His painting style demonstrates his love of nature and wilderness. His "abstract realism" paintings integrate strong design and balance with a sense of illusion and have appeared in "Watercolor Magazine" and in the International Artists book "The Watercolor Sky and Cloud Techniques of 23 International Artists". His work can be found in both corporate and private collections. His studio is at Studio Channel Islands, Room R4 in Old Town Camarillo, CA.  


H20MG! Watercolor Gone Wild features Ruth Armitage, Deise Athanas, Joanna Barnum, Sally Cotaldo, Kathleen Conover, Susan Hanssen, Lynn Hardwick, Anne Irons-Palma, Elke Memmler, Susan Murphy, Carole Pickle, Abby Rudisill, Jerry Smith, Jinnie, May, Kathleen Mooney, Marc Folly, Judy Saltzman, Katherine Chang Liu, Robert Mejer, Loa Sprung, Lowry Sprung, Valli McDougle, Beatrice Trautman, Risë Parberry, Cathy Hegman, Katherine Cartwright, Alice Kayuha, Denise Willig Booher, Debra Abshear.

Image credit: Joe Cibere,  River Stream , Transparent watercolor on paper, 36" x 36"

Image credit: Joe Cibere, River Stream, Transparent watercolor on paper, 36" x 36"

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