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H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild

H2OMG! Watercolor Gone Wild
Organized with the National Watercolor Society

February 1 – April 8

Experience everything you never thought you’d see in an exhibition of watercolor paintings as artists cut loose from convention to explore the wild side of the medium.

H20MG! Watercolor Gone Wild features Ruth Armitage, Deise Athanas, Joanna Barnum, Sally Cotaldo, Kathleen Conover, Susan Hanssen, Lynn Hardwick, Anne Irons-Palma, Elke Memmler, Susan Murphy, Carole Pickle, Abby Rudisill, Jerry Smith, Jinnie, May, Kathleen Mooney, Marc Folly, Judy Saltzman, Katherine Chang Liu, Robert Mejer, Loa Sprung, Lowry Sprung, Valli McDougle, Beatrice Trautman, Risë Parberry, Cathy Hegman, Katherine Cartwright, Alice Kayuha, Denise Willig Booher, Debra Abshear.

Joanna Barnum,  Aurelia , Watercolor on canvas, 15” x 22”

Joanna Barnum, Aurelia, Watercolor on canvas, 15” x 22”

Sponsored by BLICK Art Materials

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